Developing a Web Browser with Haskell

Inheritance Project


Inheritance Project

Inheritance is a project written in Haskell to test inheritance of properties of CSS.

This project is a continuation of the Selector Project,
and like the Selector Project, it also draw an html
tree in which each html tag is a box.

You can see in each box, the property name and value;
The project apply the css style rules for each element in
the tree.

I am applying the cascacading algorithm with the inheritance part.

Download and Install


  • Nothing.

To Fix

  • Nothing.

To Implement

  • Implement for more properties.


  • Cascading style sheet for author, user, user agent.
  • Specificity of a selector.
  • Cascading algorithm and inheritance.

Html Tags implemented

The following tags are reconised by the parser: style, html, head,
body, h1, h2, …, h6, p, big, small


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